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► LogiMAT Arena 2023: “Supply Chain Resilience - From crisis to future management”

► LogiMAT Arena 2023: “Flexibility at any price? - Does it make sense to invest in highly flexible logistics systems?”

► LogiMAT Arena 2023: “What’s next for mobile robotics? - VDI’s Technical Committee for AGVs gazes into the crystal ball”

► LogiMAT Arena 2023: “Parallel worlds in logistics - Mobile robotics in the warehouse, transport and traffic on the road”

► LogiMAT Arena 2023: “Run for talents: training to win? - Professional development strategies to address the shortage of skilled workers”

► LogiMAT Arena 2023: “Machine vision enabling next-gen logistics - Transforming the industry with computers that can see”

► LogiMAT Arena 2023: “Logistics as a trailblazer of the circular economy - Paradigm shift for a sustainable future”

► LogiMAT Arena 2023: “Artificial intelligence in intralogistics - Learning what we don't understand”


► LogPR Thementag: “Software Suiten: Sind Gesamtpakete für Transport, Lager & Fuhrpark der Königsweg?”

► LogPR Thementag: “Warehouse Management: Optimale Anbindung an Automatiklager”

► LogPR Thementag: “Materialfluss: Smarte Lagertechnologien als Game Changer”