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Past events @ LogiMAT.digital

► "LogiMAT.digital launch"
Michael Ruchty meets meets Prof. Dr. Michael Henke and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner
Organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

► "LogiMAT Daily Talk"
Tobias Schweikl meets Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Fottner
Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH

► "The latest innovations in BITO storage technology"
Innovations in the container sector - especially for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Organizer: BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH

► "Sustainability in packaging and shipping"
Reality or just a dream?
Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH

► "Don't be afraid of data protection"
Organizer: HUSS-MEDIEN GmbH

"The way to the automatic warehouse -
The step to efficient intralogistics made easy

Organizer: HÖRMANN Logistik GmbH

► "Reverse logistics"
Strategies and processes for success
Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH

► "Automation of the future"
AGV or AMR - who will soon be ahead in the warehouse?
Organizer: HUSS-MEDIEN GmbH

"Safe returns handling in e-commerce"
Compare warehouse processes and customer service
Organizer: SALT Solutions GmbH

► "Fashionlogistics"
Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH

► "LogiMAT Daily Talk"
Tobias Schweikl meets Prof. Dr. Michael Hauth
Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH

Next Level Warehouse Automation with AI"
Increasing competitiveness through picking robots with artificial intelligence
Organizer: HÖRMANN Logistik GmbH

"Extended warehouse automation with AutoStore"
Automatic goods receipt in fashion retail

Organizer: SALT Solutions GmbH

Presentation of the latest lithium-ion trucks and AGVs
Organizer: Jungheinrich AG

► "All for One Intralogistik powered by SAP S/4HANA"
Picking with Smart Glasses / Vision Services
Organizer: All for One Group SE

"Demand-based and dynamic personnel deployment planning"
More efficiency through workforce management systems (WFM)

Organizer: Ehrhardt Partner Group

"How to solve challenges in yard management using smart tech"
Organizer: Endava d.o.o

"Hidden treasures: Everything that still needs to be researched in intralogistics."
Organizer: HUSS-MEDIEN GmbH

"Innovative load indicating IoT product"
New solution to manage weight-based goods

Organizer: Forciot Oy

"Siemens Intralogistics Forum 2021"
Organizer: Siemens AG

"Bonfiglioli presents Evox and Axiavert"
Two new products, uncountable solutions
Organizer: Bonfiglioli S.p.A

"Opening LogiMAT.digital Summer Summit"
Organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

"Silicon Economy and the Internet of Values"
Organizer: Fraunhofer-Institut Materialfluss und Logistik IML

"LogiMAT Daily talk"
Tobias Schweikl meets Peter Kazander and Michael Ruchty
Organizer: LogiMAT Daily

Meet the award winners of "Best Product 2020"
Organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

"Facets of modern AGV planning"
New publication at LogiMAT: the VDI guide to AGV planning
Organizer: Forum-FTS GmbH

► „Application concepts for the digital twin in intralogistics
Organizer: Intralogistik-Netzwerk in Baden-Württemberg e.V.

Award ceremony "Best Product 2021"
Laudator: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schulz, Director, Institute of Mechanical Handling and Logistics (IFT), University of Stuttgart

"Intralogistics - Future - Technology"
Material provision rethought

Innovative techniques for decentralized material provision
Organizer: Institut für Fördertechnik und Logistik (IFT),
Universität Stuttgart

"Intralogistics - Future - Technology"
Plug & Supply in intralogistics - vision of the future or living reality?
From the planning to the operation of AGVs
Organizer: Institut für Fördertechnik und Logistik (IFT),
Universität Stuttgart

"LogiMAT Daily talk"
Anja Seemann meets Isabel Rocher
Organizer: LogiMAT Daily

"Agility in the selection and implementation of WMS systems"
Organizer: VuP GmbH, Vallée und Partner, Logistik- und IT-Beratung

► "Award winners Best Product 2021"
Anja Seemann meets the award winners "Best Product 2021"
Organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

► "3D sensors in AGV and AMR - a quantum leap"
Organizer: HUSS-MEDIEN GmbH

"Digital twins in start-up operations"
Virtual development environments for logistics systems"
Organizer: VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik (GPL)

"Value stream-oriented production logistics"
Design efficient material supply in a targeted manner"
Organizer: Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung IPA

"LogiMAT Daily talk"
Anja Seemann meets Heike Lange, LOGIS Technologies GmbH
Organizer: LogiMAT Daily

"International Approval of Mobile Robots and AMRs - this is how it works!"
The 6 biggest challenges regarding approval with solutions for the market
Organizer: TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH

"Optimizing the digital supply chain"
AutoID technologies as enabling technologies

Organizer: AIM-D e.V.

"Logistics and climate responsibility"
Ideas for reducing emissions by 55% 65% in 10 9 years
Organizer: University of Augsburg (HSA_ops)

"Automated transport of long, heavy and bulky loads"
Two new vehicle series - from the standard vehicle to the AGV
Organizer: Hubtex Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

"Inductive charging system becomes standard with the new AGV M4" - This is how SAFELOG increases the productivity and process reliability of the new AGV generation
Organizer: Wiferion GmbH

The new AGV for automated goods transport
Organizer: Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

"Peter and Michi about LogiMAT.digital"
Organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

"The inventory drone - a step into the future"
Organizer: Logistics Reply

"Predictive Quality - from predictive to retrospective quality analysis for a competitive advantage"
Organizer: INFORM GmbH

"Data-Driven Omnichannel and E-Commerce Logistics Subtitle" - Data-Driven Design for Agile Operational Performance
Organizer: Fortna | Pierau Unternehmensberatung GmbH

"LogiMAT Daily talk"
Logistics startups in corona times - Is the pandemic a driver or a brake?

Organizer: LogiMAT Daily

"What e-commerce means for logistics:"
An overview of the demanding online business in fashion and food retail.
Organizer: SSI Schäfer | Fritz Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG

"One step ahead: What competitive advantages AI-based production planning offers"
Organizer: INFORM GmbH

"Take material handling equipment to the next level with innovative automation concepts"
Veranstalter: Siemens AG, Digital Industries

 "AutoStore - Secrets of success and industry examples"
Speed, flexibility and scalability as a competitive advantage in a dynamic world of logistics.
Organizer: Element Logic Germany GmbH

"Facing the challenges of production logistics"
This is how the next decade will succeed

Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH, München

"Revolution or Evolution"
Digital transformation in supply chain management with the help of AI?
Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH, München

 "AI in AMR"
Challenges - Fields of Application - Limits
Organizer: HUSS-MEDIEN GmbH, Berlin

"OL1200S" (Best Product 2021)
The new AGV for automated goods transport
Organizer: Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

► Webinar „Digital logistics - from cost center to strategic differentiator"
Organizer: SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG

► Expert talk "AGVs | Challenges of outdoor use"
Organizer: HUSS MEDIEN GmbH, Berlin"
Organizer: Forum-FTS GmbH

► Webinar "Introducing Alphasense Position"
Visual SLAM for your mobile robots
Organizer: Sevensense Robotics AG

► LOGISTIK HEUTE Expert forum "Food logistics"
Act sustainably, safely and efficiently
Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH, Munich

Webinar "Sustainable business models in food logistics"
Logistics management for the food trade

Organizer: SALT Solutions GmbH

Webinar "Integrating SAP EWM into ERP"
A new ice cream factory
Organizer: SALT Solutions GmbH

Webinar "Trends in food logistics: can micro fulfillment centers improve the last mile in online grocery retailing?"
Veranstalter: Swisslog GmbH

Webinar "Ergonomic and safe guidance of suspended loads"
DCBS chain hoist with balancer function
Veranstalter: Demag Cranes & Components GmbH

Webinar "Warehouse automation: implementation management for complex intralogistics projects"
Organizer: P+L Hoffbauer & Co. GmbH

Product presentation "Cleanliness in logistics"
Vacuum sweeper scrubber Tennant T17
Organizer: Tennant GmbH & Co. KG

About LogiMAT.digital "New functions for all exhibitors and press representatives"
Press kit and Forum Innovation.digital
Organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

Webinar "Use AutoStore in manufacturing and production"
Modern shopfloor management
Organizer: Salt Solutions GmbH

► Product presentation "Volume Wave - Next Generation Pallet Storage"
More volume, same space
Organizer: Volume Lagersysteme GmbH

► Product presentation "Cleaning in logistics"
Tennant S20
Organizer: Tennant GmbH & Co. KG

► Expert talk "Keep it simple"
Semi-automated logistics solutions for small and medium-sized companies
Organizer: SSI Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG

Webinar "Micro Fulfillment - More efficient and closer to the customer"
Same-day delivery close to the customer

Organizer: HÖRMANN Logistik GmbH

Webinar "Next Level Warehouse Automation with AI"
Pick-by Robot with AI

Organizer: HÖRMANN Logistik GmbH

Webinar "The digital twin - pioneer of warehouse automation 4.0“
What potentials the digitization of intralogistics offers.
Organizer: Siemens AG

► Expert talk "AGV security for AGV and AMR - what do you have to think about?"
Organizer: Forum-FTS GmbH

LOGISTIK HEUTE Expert forum "Speed and costs - successfully keeping the balance in spare parts logistics"
Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH, Munich

Webinar "The responsibility of the manager in logistics"
Excuses like “We always did it this way” will soon be history.
Organizer: Logistik-Konzepte und Weiterbildung Schmid

► Webinar „Maximum process intelligence at all levels"
How the modular structure of the intralogistics software WAMAS® boosts your organization.
Organizer: SSI Schäfer GmbH & Co. KG

► Webinar "Logistics and beyond"
Take the next step into the future of logistics with us.
Organizer: ecovium Holding GmbH

► Webinar "Who will benefit from the expanded goods receiving and shipping process?"
TM/EWM integration in SAP S/4HANA
Organizer: abat AG

► Webinar "Take your picking performance and storage capacity to the next level"
Fast - Compact - Flexible - AutoStore ™
Organizer: Kardex

► Expert talk "The new VDI guideline" Autonomy in mobile robots"
How to make autonomy in AGVS / AMR scalable
Organizer: Forum-FTS

► Exper talk "AGV corporate strategy—what is it, and who needs one?"
Organizer: Forum-FTS GmbH

Online seminar "Supply Chain Awards 2022: Application Phase Kick-off"
Organizer: HUSS-VERLAG GmbH

► Webinar "Supplier transparency - avoiding surprises in incoming goods: More transparency and better compliance"
LEA Reply Supplier Portal
Organizer: Logistics Reply GmbH

► Automation "How many people does the warehouse need?"
Organizer: LOGPR

► Warehouse Management "More transparency and speed with and beyond SAP"
Organizer: LOGPR

► Transport planning "Modern transport management systems for more efficiency and user-friendly workplaces"
Organizer: LOGPR

Online seminar "Intelligent warehouse logistics with integrated conveyor technology"
Organizer: MiniTec GmbH & Co

► LogiMAT-Inside "LogiMAT—Review & Outlook—The focus is on people"
Organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

► LOGISTIK HEUTE forum "Best practices 2022 in Logistics and SCM"
Organizer: LOGISTIK HEUTE trade journal

► Webinar "Revolutionize your picking with robotics"
Organizer: Kardex

Hello Stuttgart - The Kickoff
Organizer: EUROEXPO Messe- und Kongress-GmbH

Hello Stuttgart - Easy online sanctions list screening
Organizer: BEX Components AG

Hello StuttgartWhy monthly rolling sales planning and systematic inventory optimization at KeBa with the SAP-integrated solution from GIB Siegen
Organizer: GIB Sales & Development GmbH

Hello StuttgartSmart truck route planning
Organizer: Opheo Solutions GmbH

Hello StuttgartData-driven fleet management over gut instincts
Organizer: Domnick + Müller | Mobile Easykey

Hello Stuttgart - Innovate your logistics!
Organizer: abat AG

Hello Stuttgart - Five factors preventing companies from making data-driven decisions
Organizer: INFORM GmbH

Hello Stuttgart Interested in smart and efficient logistics automation? stow Atlas® 2D:  automated pallet storage
Organizer: stow Robotics

► LOGISTIK HEUTE expert forum "Green E-Commerce: Reconciling Sustainability and Growth"

Hello StuttgartMaking digital logistics processes sustainable Examples from warehousing, IT, and transport
Organizer: VCE Verkehrslogistik Consulting & Engineering GmbH

Hello Stuttgart - Transport processes with SAP TM: visibility in the supply chain Boosting the resilience of your logistics with standard TM tools and add-ons
Organizer: abat AG

Hello Stuttgart - Active risk management for stable supply chains Sustainability and the meaning of resilience in the supply chain
Organizer: PSI Logistics GmbH

Hello Stuttgart - How to manage a decrease in available labour Flexible automation to boost productivity
Organizer: 6 River Systems

Hello Stuttgart - For logistics processes that work better – How you can exceed your warehouse logistics goals with vision picking
Organizer: TeamViewer Germany GmbH

Hello Stuttgart - Automated yard management Smart logistics software at Coca-Cola HBC Austria
Organizer: INFORM GmbH