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By registering, you agree that your data will be stored and processed for using the platform. Your data is stored and processed at all times in compliance with the currently valid data protection guidelines.

Neither your email address nor your telephone number will be published on the platform.

When you register, you decide whether you want participants to be able to contact you. This contact is made in the form of an appointment request, except in the lounges. Here there is direct contact between the visitors of a lounge - first name, last name, position, company name and your picture are displayed when entering a lounge.

If you actively leave your "virtual" business card to providers, you are transmitting your contact details directly to the provider - salutation, first and last name, email address, telephone number and your company data - as you entered them when you registered.

If you register for an event (e.g. workshop, product presentation, online seminar, etc.), the organizer of the event will receive your data and the confirmation of your registration/attendance for the purpose to contact you by mail to inform you about his offers.

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